Gyms and well-being


For many, the New Year is an opportunity to kick start a fitness drive, a healthier lifestyle and general detox, and have an increased emphasis on our health and well-being more generally. With so many of us at home for much longer periods of time and doing everything in our homes from exercise to work and play, the Finchatton interior design team shares how to incorporate gyms and well-being spaces into our homes.

The gym at Twenty Grosvenor Square

When designing a home gym, space is often a limiting factor. To overcome this, it is imperative to select gym equipment that seamlessly fits into your home interior or that is a space saving solution. The “Technogym Bench” is an excellent space saving piece of gym equipment. Its compact design includes dumbbells, elastic bands and a training mat. The Peloton Bike or Peloton Tread have also changed how we exercise at home as they are items that can be added to any room and not just for the gym. The “WaterRower” rowing machine, with a beautiful oak finish, is another bit of equipment which blends into your home as it is a subtle piece of furniture that can stand vertically for space saving when it is not in use.

Small spaces can also be transformed into treatment rooms and spas – here relaxation is key and lighting can create a sense of warmth and ambience by using a number of low settings. This is a space where we really focus on the experience for the senses – the room fragrances, how the sound system works and also the sound proofing – making sure that the spa rooms are not impacted by any background noise from any other part of the building. This has to be a space where you can truly switch off, relax and escape.

The treatment room at Twenty Grosvenor Square

Wellness is an all-encompassing concept which includes both physical and mental health. Beyond gyms and spas, we are also taking great care to create spaces where people feel comfortable, welcome and at home. One way we achieve this is by including technology to make a space as easy to use as possible. Space planning is another important element of incorporating wellness into the home; creating reading corners and using to indoors plants to bring nature inside. It also extends to elegant and timeless furnishings and accessories, so that our clients continue to enjoy the space for years to come.

For overall well-being, some of our clients have turned to ‘Cryo Chambers’ to aid sports recovery, fitness and pain management. At temperatures of -110oC or more, a Cryo Chamber triggers the increase in metabolism and energy.

At Twenty Grosvenor Square, Mayfair, the first stand-alone Four Seasons serviced residential development in the world, we designed a 2,500 sq. ft. gym, 25 metre pool with vitality pool, treatment room, steam room and sauna for our residents. Bringing together our experience from all our previous developments, we considered what our residents would really want to use and do the most. To one side of the pool the extensive gym with a complete complement of exercise equipment, carefully selected with the aid of expert trainers. To the other side of the swimming pool is a more indulgent spa area – a vitality pool with air and water jets and a suite of private treatment rooms, along with with saunas and steam rooms.