Hästens was founded in Koping in Sweden by Pehr Adolf Janson, a master saddler that who awarded his certificate by the King of Sweden in 1852. A skilled man, he was one of very few master saddlers who could make horsetail filled mattresses and leather goods. Today Hästens is run by 5th generation Jan Ryde, he continues to drive innovation and quality without compromise. Hästens’ mission is to gift their clients a life of happiness and health, induced by the perfect sleep a Hästens bed has to offer.

We chatted (over Zoom) with Sara Di Carlo, Hästens Global Retail Director and discussed their products, where they draw inspiration from and what creativity means to her as part of our ‘Meet the Makers’ series.

A Hästens bed

What makes Hästens products so unique and how would you characterise them?
What makes Hästens beds so unique is that there are no other bed manufacturers that can offer this standard of sleep. Our beds are made without compromise, by hand, by master craftsman. We keep our know how a very closely guarded secret. All our beds are made from natural products and are all customisable, they can be built to any size and in some cases, any shape. This, along with the ability to gift you a goodnights sleep, is why we are always the preferred choice when it comes to putting our beds on yachts, private jets and bedrooms and why our clients return again and again. Referrals from existing clients is big business for us. There is a reason why you pay more for a Hästens, you can’t compare beds by price alone.

Describe Hästens signature style?
Our best-selling bed is the 2000T, it gives you this incredible balance of feeling weightless but also supported. It is the bed of choice when it comes to athletes and those that lead busy lifestyles and need their muscles and mind to rest, so they are ready to perform their best at their desk or on the pitch. This is the bed our clients love so much and, when they want the next big hit, they come to buy the Vividus.

Where do you get your inspiration from?
We are inspired as a business by our clients and the world around us. We want everyone to experience the value of perfect sleep. We want to make people happy and healthier by sleeping in our beds, because when the body is truly rested, when the mind can really go to sleep, that’s when your body recovers overnight. Sleep is more important now than ever given our lifestyles. If we want our immune system to be 5x stronger we need to sleep and it has to be good quality. Lack of sleep has proven to cause us to make poor judgements at work, reduce our from mental health, and deplete our immune system. We have to have people understand it’s more important to invest in your bed than it is in your car.

A master bedroom at Twenty Grosvenor Square, Mayfair

What does creativity mean to you?
For us creativity means creating community within our stores and that’s through a programme of events. We want to spread the message that good sleep is important and it is achievable. Hästens was built on a love story, we have nothing but love for our clients and our world, so we feel it is our mission to educate and have people reflect on their lifestyles and introduce them to complimentary sleep therapies such as breathing techniques, meditation, mindfulness and yoga.

Do you have a favourite product?
Yes, too many! Where do I start? My favourite is the Herlewing, I have one at home. It is the perfect fit for my body. It’s so perfect I don’t sleep with a pillow anymore. It was customised so my side was a soft tension and my partner’s was medium within the same mattress. This was a game changer, I don’t feel him moving around at night and we have a bed that’s comfortable for both of us. My children have the Marquis, it’s a perfect bed for their growing bodies and it can move with them when they leave home. As with all our beds, it is made with natural materials. Before I worked for Hästens we all slept on memory foam mattresses. I’m actually mortified when I think now, that my babies grew up sleeping on a mattress made from petrochemicals, especially now I know why we shouldn’t.

What are your top tips for achieving a good night’s sleep?
No screens at least an hour before bed, have a shower about 40 mins before, have a clutter free room, sleep in complete darkness and keep a window open in your bedroom even if it’s only a bit as it’s important to get some fresh air through the room. And, of course, sleep on a Hästens bed.

Are Hästens working on any exciting projects at the moment?
We are always working on exciting projects!! We have just finished the Grand Vividus, an incredible object d’art that you can sleep on. It was a labour of love between Hästens and the celebrated and incredibly talented Canadian interior designer Ferris Rafauli. This is the world’s greatest bed. It looks incredible and it feels incredible. There was absolutely no compromise in the creation of this bed. Drake was the first person to buy it and when he unveiled his new home in Architectural Digest, built and designed by Ferris Rafauli, enquiries went through the roof. It’s available to view and try in Harrods. We have also just launched the Hästens restore app. An app built with vibrational sounds to compliment your moods. When you listen and practice listening to the sounds, you can feel your brain start to vibrate with the positive energy that the sounds create. A really incredible immersive experience.

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