Tai Ping Carpets


Tai Ping Carpets was founded in British Hong Kong in 1956 with the ambitious goals of developing industry in the post-war colony and providing employment to migrant workers fleeing political turmoil in China. The core value system instilled by its founders of operating ethically and responsibility have been a cornerstone of the company’s guiding principles ever since.

For over six decades, Tai Ping has designed and created beautifully-handcrafted products with a preference for natural, renewable fibres. Caring for people and respecting the environment have always gone hand in hand. Company-owned manufacturing facilities not only operate under rigorous sustainability standards, but they also offer a safe, enriching atmosphere for employees. True compassion for the wellbeing of people extends beyond the workplace to include families, communities and the world. Tai Ping invests the same level of care in creating its bespoke, artisanal products as it does in managing natural resources and safeguarding its employees and associates.

Finchatton has worked closely with Tai Ping carpets on a wide range of projects globally, including our latest show apartment at Twenty Grosvenor Square, Mayfair. We spoke with Juliana Polastri, Global Design and Brand Director at Tai Ping and gained an insight into the history of the Tai Ping brand and carpet design.

Tai Ping Carpets handtufting process

Describe Tai Ping’s signature style and what draws you to that look?
Through engaging visuals and an emphasis on process and craftsmanship with natural fibres, the Tai Ping brand aims to inspire viewers while elevating carpet making into an artform. Tai Ping emphasises contemporary design, capturing the multi-global urban energy of cities such as Hong Kong, Paris, New York, London, Milan, Hamburg, Los Angeles, Miami, Shanghai, Chicago, San Francisco and Dallas. The brand also celebrates diversity though various talented collaborators that keep advancing the sense of taste in new tendencies while challenging the textile medium.

What are some of the most common elements in your designs?
Tai Ping’s common thread is the introduction of new collections that remain true to a brand committed to contemporary design, while keeping innovative and avoiding repetition.

What is your design motto?
Keep innovating and inspiring the design community with art that is conceived with the same passion, integrity and respect for the environment established six decades ago.

Do you have a favourite product?
Tai Ping has a reverence for the handmade; the integrity of a craft passed from master to apprentice, and the conviction that each carpet is a unique creation that serves as an heirloom to be enjoyed for generations. All Tai Ping products are bespoke, nurtured through a process that depends wholly on highly skilled and experienced artisans at entire stages of the design and production procedures. Expert carpet designers and craftsmen transform both simple and intricate designs into works of art that reflect the brand’s passion and sense of style. Any Tai Ping carpet pattern, whether based on a collection or imagined by the client, has an equal level of meticulous care and craft.

Tai Ping Carpets Marine Tides Collection

What is the most important thing to remember when designing a carpet?
The best suggestion to our clients is to choose the carpet in the early stages of the design process. The area rug, or wall-to-wall carpet, are architectural elements capable of bringing together multiple furniture pieces and décor accents. Tai Ping specialises in bespoke design and every layout is unique to adapt and excel each interior.

Are you working on any exciting projects at the moment?
We are very excited to launch in London these two collections that are now displayed in our new showroom:

Flourish Collection
Inspired by the enduring beauty of flowers, Flourish imagines blooms transformed by the artistry of weaving. Poppies dancing in the breeze and an abstracted riverside Forsythia join the gesture of thrown stems in Tulipa and frozen buds in Iced Bouquet. Peonies are drawn to marvelous effect, Willow is seen through a train window, and Eucalyptus gets caught in an X-ray machine. Each of these ten designs awaken the senses through movement, colour and complex gradation effects. Flourish uses hand-knotted construction techniques to convey vibrant colour tones with a combination of luxurious fibers. Master artisans in Nepal have hand-dyed the finest Tibetan wool and Chinese silk to translate figurative floral images into expressive compositions.

Tides Collection
Inspired by the mystery and magnificence of our planet’s most essential and enigmatic force of nature, Tides invites the observer on an immersive journey through a series of ethereal maritime environments. The nine hand-tufted rugs are designed to evoke ecosystems, where light interplays with form and flashes of dazzling bioluminescence punctuate the murky depths of the ocean. Each design is created by subjecting meticulously hand-painted watercolour impressions to a series of resist-dye techniques that produce effects like the spectral marbling qualities found in Splash and Marine and the grainy texturing of Opaline. Simultaneously, the sensations of ocean worlds are ever-present in compositions such as Coraline, whose glow suggests the endangered beauty of planet Earth’s largest living organism.

Tai Ping has an on-going development program creating collections more than a year in advance. We look forward to bringing to the market new exciting collaborations and in-house creations.

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